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Upcoming Band Terne Looks Promising in 2013

12 Feb


There’s something exciting about finding a really good genre-crossing band that only has a handful of fans and hasn’t even completed an album yet.  You never know if you’ve stumbled upon the next Queensryche or Metallica, or whether the band will just remain a hidden gem that you can enjoy on your own.  There are quite a few promising bands that are looking to have a good year in 2013, but there’s something about Terne in particular that is attention-grabbing.

They only have four uploads on their YouTube channel, but Terne keep mentioning that these are demos and that they’re putting together a full, polished album.  What’s interesting is that the demos themselves are pretty great, and even though they range from nu-metal to grunge and even dubstep, Terne has a sound that doesn’t suffer from an identity crisis.  They take a little from each genre, mix it all together, and out comes an entirely new sound, which they rightly describe as being specifically geared toward 2013.

Terne also refer to their music as “metal without screaming,” which not only makes a nice change from most nu-metal, it also opens a lot of doors for the band in terms of where they can explore musically.  The vocalist is quite versatile, and given the tightness of the band as a whole, they can really pull off just about anything they try.  Their song “Stick To” is a metal song with elements of hardcore rap, while “Wherever You Are” starts out sounding like electropop on the verses, and then after a minute or so glides effortlessly into a Skrillex-style dubstep metal chorus.

It sounds like an odd mix, and it is, but it would certainly be interesting to hear an album from this band, which apparently is in the works and coming out sometime during the next few months.  According to the Terne YouTube page, the focus of the album is going to be mostly metal, with elements of the other styles that influence them, and an overall “dark rock” feel.

The important thing with any new band is good songwriting coupled with strong playing skills, and Terne have both.   If they can get a little more of an online following going, their album could be one of the surprise success releases of 2013.

-This post was written by BJ, our newest PDR blogger. Let’s give her a warm welcome and say it together “Hi BJ!”