Thriving in the Chicago music scene

9 Jan

The music of the Chicago-based indie rock band Passerines might intitially seem laid back, but a closer listen quickly reveals the heavy layering of melodies and diverse influences (from jazz to David Bowie) that make up the group’s unique sound.

Chicago's three-piece Passerines.

Chicago’s three-piece Passerines.

The three-piece band – founded by Tim Young (vocals and guitars), with Kevin Fairbairn on bass and Taylor Page on drums – is new to the Chicago music scene, having formed summer of 2012. However, the group (named after the scientific term for “songbird”) is already glad to call the city’s music scene home.

“There are a lot of music scenes to be involved with in Chicago,” said Young, who considers them most heavily involved with “the punk-rock, do-it-yourself scene.”

The DIY/newness of the band means “doing everything yourself – paying for everything yourself, getting press yourself.” However, Young was also excited the group is still growing and exploring their sound.

“We’re still really new,” he said. “The guys are really into rock, underground ground…where I’m a little bit more interested aspects of jazz and classical music.”

With finances the DIY-band’s greatest challenge, the band’s current project – their upcoming EP (look for it sometime in March) – will likely be an online-only release.

However, “we would love to press vinyl,” said Young. “The intangibility of an MP3 is just boring to me. I think with the digital age, a lot has been lot in regards to musicians being paid and being able to sell their work.”

And, while Young acknowledged the struggles faced by bands attempting to be financially viable, he remains optimistic, hoping to have a whole album released and be touring the country within the next year or so.

“So far, a lot of roads have opened up to use. [Chicago] is a great place to come to and start playing. We’re fresh into it and that’s really exciting.”

See them at: Jerry’s – January 12, 9 p.m. ($5)

The Subterranean – January 31, 8:30 p.m. ($8)

Listen to their album here.


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