Blueneck presents their “Epilogue”

7 Dec

“Without a doubt it’s a “headphones” album,” Blueneck writes of their newest work, “Epilogue.” It’s true, but don’t be surprised when the first few notes throw you out of your chair. The group’s fourth album, “Epilogue” features haunting, melancholy songs that pack a powerful emotional punch. At times reminiscent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, at others Explosions in the Sky, Blueneck still manages to create a work with an overall feel completely their own.

The album, which is all-instrumental, is full of ups and downs, drawing the listener in with high-intensity surges of sound followed by quieter, reflective sections. It’s a contrast that makes for thirty minutes of intense emotion. This is not a CD to play in the background. This is a CD you sit down and listen to.

On their blog (a great read in and of itself), Blueneck explained they were trying new concepts, almost an experiment, in the making of “Epilogue.” That’s all too evident at times, with an overabundance of ideas that leaves the album struggling to achieve a unified feel. After listening from beginning to end, I was left strangely dissatisfied, as if the album had never quite figured out how to reach a climax.

Individually, however, each song shines. Those experiments that made that made it difficult to achieve one theme result in unique and complex tracks, giving the ear something new to latch on to with each listen. “Apogee” builds a melody around a single piano note repeated over and over for a lifting-and-falling feeling, while “Carina” concludes the album with an echoing quietness.

“Epilogue,” while leaving something to be desired, is still a great listen in its own right – and what is left most desired, perhaps, is for Bluneck to speed up the release of their fifth album.

See them live: Sadly, Blueneck won’t be touring until the release of their fourth album (expect late 2013), but their website does offer free Christmas music.


Released 19 October 2012

  1. Symbiosis – Part 2
  2. (Eta Carinae)
  3. Colonization – Incident 2
  4. Apogee
  5. Symbiosis – Part 1
  6. Suppression
  7. Colonization – Incident 1
  8. Carina

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